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About Us

Get a bold new hair colour at our salon in Palmerston North!

Are you considering a bold new hair colour? Perhaps it is time for a striking restyle? Do you need a head-turning hairstyle for a special event? You've come to the right place! Grin is Palmerston North's friendliest and funkiest hairdressing salon. First, allow us to introduce our team.
Hair colour in Palmerston North

Kate Ineson - Owner/Director

Kate has spent the past 20 years perfecting the art of hair design and is the nicest person ever to walk on the planet, I dare you to think otherwise. Dogs Rock.

Email: kate@grinhairdressing.co.nz
Hair colour and cutting in Palmerston North

Michael Miers - Artistic Director

Michael has spent the last 300 years perfecting the art of hair design. A 'famous' musician in his spare time, Mike says: "Apart from music my favourite thing is picking my nose.”

Email: michael@grinhairdressing.co.nz


Our update's overdue, but you can meet the whole team, including Andrea, Annie, Alysha & Lizzy on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/grinhairdressing.

The Grin philosophy

Essentially, we think about you and focus on doing whatever we can do to make you feel better!
Better about your hair, better about yourself and better about your hairdressing experiences.

Most importantly, we see our clients as friends. We want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and at home in the cosy atmosphere of our salon. Knowing that we are personally looking after every client to the very best of our ability is important to us. We aim to serve our clients with the perfect balance of efficiency and the necessary time taken to do the job right.

In addition to achieving all of the above, we also aspire to being recognised by our customers
as being highly knowledgeable in up-to-date hairdressing skills, techniques and ideas. In fact, every week at Grin we hold dedicated training sessions to evolve and develop our team's abilities in these areas.

Above all, we want to know that you know we are always giving you our very best.

What our clients have to say about Grin

  • "I just love coming here"
  • "It's such an awesome atmosphere"
  • "I could stay here all day!"
  • "It's an absolute breath of fresh air"
  • "It's so nice to walk into a hairdressing salon and feel at home straight away"
Hair colour in Palmerston North
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